Performance Assessment & Goal Setting (Halogen)

For Professional & Managerial, Confidential and Research Associates (Limited Term)/ Sr. Research Associates staff members and their managers

Performance planning and assessment is an ongoing process of communication between managers and their staff.

The process involves a proactive planning component at the beginning of the performance year, ongoing feedback and coaching during the year, as well as an annual end of year meeting to:

  • Assess and discuss the staff member’s relative success in achieving the goals and objectives for the review period and “how” these objectives were achieved using the defined competencies
  • Recognize strong performance
  • Identify areas requiring improvement and/or development and plans for meeting the training needs
  • Identify key priorities for the following year
  • Set goals and objectives

System Availability: 24 hours (except for regularly scheduled system maintenance)

This service utilizes UTORid credentials for the employees participating in Halogen processes.

Login to Halogen Performance Management System

Mon - Fri 8:45 AM - 5:00 PM

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